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"Small Town Attention....To BIG City Problems."

"Small Town Attention....

                 To BIG City Problems."

"Small Town Attention....To BIG City Problems."

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Six Surprising Celebrities with Law Degrees

You expect law degrees of certain individuals. Most American presidents went to law school, as did our current president: Barack Obama who graduated from Harvard Law School. Judges must attend law school in order to become an appointed judge - John G. Roberts of the Supreme Court attended Harvard Law as well. In addition, a survey of the Fortune 500 CEO's in 2012 listed 46 who held law degrees, out of almost 500 CEO's. One CEO with a legal background is Francis S. Blake, the CEO of Home Depot, who went to Columbia University Law School. 

But what about worldwide celebrities? Aren't we typically surprised when they reveal a law degree in their past? 

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Welcome to our new site! *common questions*

Welcome to our new site! *common questions*

So, what is small town attention to BIG city problems?

Whether you reside directly in Minneapolis or live in a surrounding suburb, you realize it just isn't a perfect world out there. There are many great things about living near the big city, but there are also many potential problems. When working with a law firm in a metro area, it is important to work with urban professionals who understand the legal issues of urban life but will address your legal problems with "small town attention"- thoroughness, attention to small details, and thoughtfulness.  

What if my problem isn't one of your mentioned areas of expertise?

You are dealing with the professionals at FSSK. There is a chance that they could take on your potential case, and if not, they definitely would have the resources to steer you in the right direction. 

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