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Can I Enforce A Mechanic’s Lien Without A Lawyer?

Under Minnesota law, corporate contractors must retain legal counsel in mechanic’s lien actions. Although sole proprietors can technically enforce a mechanic’s lien without a lawyer, this is generally not advisable given the complex nature of mechanic’s lien litigation.

Because mechanic’s liens are governed by strict timelines, the filing and service process must be followed to the “T” or a mechanic’s lien claim will be immediately struck down. For example, one might unknowingly serve the wrong property owner or incorrectly tally the last day to serve the mechanic’s lien statement. These are fatal mistakes with no salvageable recourse.

Additionally, the case, once it proceeds to court, can be highly complex and subject to varied standards of interpretation, heightening the importance of having an experienced lawyer on board who understands the ins and outs of this complex area of law. Each case presents a unique plethora of detail that requires expert handling from start to finish.  Attorney Chad Kelsch has years of experience successfully representing claimants in mechanic’s lien cases, and can greatly enhance your chances of receiving payment for the services you’ve performed.

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