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"Small Town Attention....To BIG City Problems."

"Small Town Attention....

                 To BIG City Problems."

"Small Town Attention....To BIG City Problems."

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If you or your company has to declare bankruptcy, you will need to find an attorney. For individuals and businesses in Minnesota, there are numerous qualified and reputable Minneapolis bankruptcy lawyers who can steer you through the process of repaying your debts and establishing a clean financial slate.

It all starts with a phone call to your prospective Minneapolis bankruptcy law firm. Before you hire a law office, make sure you’ve found a lawyer who gives you the confidence that they can guide you successfully towards financial freedom. Set up a consultation with offices that friends or family recommend, or law firms that receive high ratings and reviews online.

Here are five good questions to ask at a Minneapolis bankruptcy law office when you are interviewing lawyers who you are considering hiring:

  1. What chapter of bankruptcy should I file, and what is your experience with other clients who have filed that same type of bankruptcy?
  2. Based on my situation, how long do you expect bankruptcy to take?
  3. How will this affect my credit score?
  4. Is your office constantly available to support me or answer my questions?
  5. What are your fees?

A Minneapolis bankruptcy law office will have experience in bankruptcy court and help you know what to expect. Their prior experience with the judges you will appear in front of can give them expertise on how to structure their presentation. (That’s one reason why hiring local attorneys is always best.)

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Minnesota convenes in four courthouses in Minnesota: Minneapolis, St. Paul, Fergus Falls, and Duluth. The courthouses in the Twin Cities are in downtown Minneapolis on 4th Street and in St. Paul on North Robert Street. The county where you live will determine in which office you file for bankruptcy, and the Minneapolis bankruptcy law office you hire will guide you through that process. They’ll make sure the filing is done correctly and in a timely fashion so you don’t have to worry about it.

At Kelsch Law, P.A. our attorneys genuinely care about your bankruptcy.

We seek to provide each and every client with "small town attention to big city problems." As lawyers, we know your bankruptcy situation is complicated, exhausting, and potentially overwhelming. Over the years we have taken care of clients and their personal and commercial bankruptcy cases for years, guiding them to fresh starts and positive outcomes. We are also skilled with working with creditors/debtors and helping them understand their legal rights. 

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