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"Small Town Attention....To BIG City Problems."

"Small Town Attention....

                 To BIG City Problems."

"Small Town Attention....To BIG City Problems."

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Change Orders


Change can be difficult. This can be especially true in residential construction where projects can veer off course when a contractor encounters an unforeseen obstacle that may cut into his profit margin, or when an owner requests an oral change and later refuses to pay for the extra work, claiming that it fell within the parameters of the original contract. This type of unfortunate scenario can be extremely difficult to sort out because of the “contractor said, owner said” nature of the conflict.

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Prevent construction disputes with these tips


2013 is shaping up to be the year of the bulldozer. Construction is up in the U.S. for new single-family homes, and building permits are on the rise. This February, builders in the U.S. started work on more houses and apartments and obtained permits for future construction at a faster pace than we've seen since June 2008, according to an article in the Star Tribune from the Associated Press.

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