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"Small Town Attention....

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"Small Town Attention....To BIG City Problems."

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Don't be ashamed to call an attorney

telephoneThe age-old way to contact an attorney to represent you is to pick up the telephone and call. Of course, nowadays, you can email, fill out an online contact form, “message” them on Facebook, send them a text message, Tweet them... we have a million ways to connect with potential legal advocates.

So when there are all sorts of new ways to contact an attorney, why is it still so hard for many people to summon up the courage to just do it?




1. Lawyers often seem intimidating.

Maybe because they’re so well-educated and well-spoken, lawyers can scare people who expect judgment or stern criticism from a lawyer. What people forget is that lawyers want to build relationships with their clients, and they genuinely want to help you.


2. Fear that a lawyer will be pushy on the phone.

A lot of people simply want to inquire about potentially hiring a lawyer, or find out what a lawyer could do for them. But they’re not ready to sign the dotted line. Know that a lawyer understands you’re calling to talk - and they should not pressure you.


3. Lawyers seem too busy for silly questions from potential clients.

It’s true that lawyers are not always immediately available due to prior engagements or pressing matters, but all professionals are busy! When attorneys are not in the office when a potential client calls, they will return your call. Typically a paralegal or assistant will take a message and convey it to the attorney. The chance to talk to you about your situation is important to them - and a good attorney will always return calls. No question is silly - lawyers understand that you, as someone needing their services, will have questions.


4. A “free consultation” seems too good to be true.

Even though a free consultation can sound like a veiled sales pitch, really, it’s just a conversation where the attorney can listen to your situation, and then determine if they can help you. The fit needs to be right from both perspectives. Lawyers want to make sure they can really help you achieve the results you need. If they feel they can’t help you, or if they think a different attorney would be a better fit, they will be upfront about that.

A lawyer knows that the free consultation is an important step in the process, and a good one will listen, show empathy, and be very direct with you at this stage. They will not fire questions at you that you cannot answer, and will not expect you to show up with your legal  situation neatly outlined. That’s why you need them.

As a last reason to note, it can be very embarrassing to make a call to an attorney acknowledging a problematic issue or pleading for help. It’s hard to solicit help when a person is at the end of their rope.

It's important to remember that the lawyer on the other end of the phone truly wants to help. They’ve entered this profession so they can help people who need their expertise in a specific area. It’s okay if you don’t have it all together, are still at the very beginning stages of exploring legal representation, or have a lot of questions. And calling does not mean you have to hire them.

It’s just a phone call.

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