b2ap3_thumbnail_law-and-gavel.jpgWhat's your view of lawyers? Stereotypes abound in the legal field. But contrary to popular belief, many attorneys are often some of the kindest, most thoughtful, and most helpful people you'll ever meet. Knowing and working with lawyers in various capacities will introduce you to all kinds, the good and the bad, but many of them are genuinely passionate about what they do and pour their heart and soul into their work every day.

Lawyers can be very practical and down-to-earth. The stereotype is that lawyers are either stuffy, rich, and pretentious, or they’re just out to get your money. The important thing to remember is that there are stereotypes in every profession, and the stereotype is often false. Yes, there are less trustworthy attorneys. Yes, there are attorneys who are just in it for the money. But it’s unfair for laypeople to automatically assign that perception to all lawyers.

Innocent until proven guilty, right?

It seems that our American culture has painted attorneys of all sorts as either black or white - there are the “good guys” standing up for the downtrodden, and the “bad guys” standing up for the criminals. This is unfortunate.  A lawyer can change someone’s life from the courtroom. It’s a heavy responsibility. Good lawyers take this extremely seriously. The men and women who commit years to studying American law, with all its complexities, slowly learning how to provide excellent representation in a specific area, are providing an incredibly important service to us as citizens.

Attorneys’ commitment to understanding and applying the law continues to ensure our justice, the protection of our freedoms, and the orderly resolution of our conflicts.


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